Welcome Teachers to MOA Education Zone

Welcome to the Education Zone here on MOA Mobile.

We are so happy that you chose to explore with your students the history & material culture primarily of the Albemarle region in which we live in.

Please, explore our exhibitions with your students by choosing from the various scavenger hunts that can be done individually, in groups, or as a class in a non-contact digital experience. Teachers/Parents can especially enjoy this experience with the ability to have their students participate for extra credit and graded assignments at the submission of each Scavenger Hunt at MOA.


Teachers to directly receive your students results from each scavenger hunt. Please submit a request with each interested lesson, at least a week in advance to MOA to schedule programming of your upcoming assignment for receivement from your students.

If you'd prefer your students to be engaged with one of our educational video offerings please visit the button below, MOA Films. To fill out a request and link to your selection.

Scavenger Hunts